The beer

The Dove set out from day one to set high standards in real ales, and to offer a range of real ales from all over the UK. While local beers are often represented at the Dove, there are also hundreds of other fine independent breweries around the county, and we seek out the best we can. So pop in and see what we have on tap.

Current Offers

The bands

Sheffield's music scene is thriving, there's little doubt about that, and the Dove loves being a part of it, & this is now recognised as such worldwide, with bands hailing from europe, Australia, usa, & Ireland to name a few plus of course all over the UK & especially Yorkshire. So to check out what the latest live offerings are, head over to the live section of our website, or subscribe to our social networks.

If you're a band wanting to play at the Dove, then get in touch on Facebook, Twitter or ReverbNation.

The... erm, ballads?

We try to cater for all tastes on our DJ nights, and have a well-stocked jukebox for during the day. For more information on what nights we put on when, trundle on over to the nights out section of the site. You are certain to find a night that suits you, but if not, we would love to hear your suggestions. Talk to us on Facebook or Twitter.
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