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The future

It's official: the only thing that'll stop live music at the Dove is you! If you don't support it in person & put your money where your mouths are. Thanks to your comments, objections & personal support, Dawn has secured the unanimous support of the Planning Committee today. They have strongly endorsed the cultural & community value of what we do & have recorded officially in writing that the development next door will not be allowed by the council to threaten what we do, even if any residents should make a complaint in the future.
We think is probably a unique achievement.
Yes, the developers got their planning permission, as we always thought they might, but with strict conditions & re-assurances & we get free double glazing & new doors, which has the bonus side effect that the pub will be much warmer & more environmentally friendly next winter Thank you all very much indeed for helping keep our unique little venue in the heart of Sheffield safe for the forseeable future! & if you want to buy Dawn a drink, I think she probably deserves (needs!) it.


-5 Coyote Madseeds & UNIT 69
-8 Charlie Indistructable & If Looks Could Kill
-9 ReVerbed
10 48Hours & The Dead Life

12 The Brink & Spill 16
13 Hellbound Hearts
19 Second Rate Angels & Empires Burn
20 BONES PARK RIDER Ep launch!
22 Bleating Apocalypse
25 Neon Knights
26 The Beatholes


-2 VENUS MOUNTAINS, The Tiny Face Experience & Doghouse Gypsies!
-3 Xerxes & Soul Shredder
10 Burning Empires
11 Further from the Truth
19 Kahru
22 SJW band & Ataraxis
24 Gone til Winter
31 Flip Like Wilson & Grey Goes Down




12 Apparition
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