Dawn walked past the Dove & Rainbow on her way home from work one day and saw it looking forlorn with a "please take care of this pub" sign in the window. She immediately sank all her heart, soul and savings into the place and its history continued. Now, over 5 years later, bankrupt and at the top of the heart and soul transplant list, she still works ceaselessly to keep it the amazing place we all know and love.


Likes: Growing hair
Dislikes: Landrovers
Came to watch a gig one day and never left. With a short background in bar work, he soon took to running the Dove's bar and cellar like he was born to do it, but as the pantomime season approached he decided to try and forge a career as long John Silver. He should be back in his rightful place (the cellar) after Christmas.


The answer to the question, why is the grass so much greener in Ireland? It's because they're all over here walking on ours! An expert in mixing cocktails and talking the hind legs off donkeys, there is no truth in the rumour that on his days off he dresses in green and carries a pig - in fact he appears to only possess a pirate outfit other than his normal clothes. It is true though that he has an irrational fear of clowns.


Charm, wit, personality, just a few of the things he'd love to possess. A natural behind the bar he plonked himself continually in front of it until one day Dawn just gave up and gave him a job. He now splits his time almost equally between the two & has frequently been wiped down at the end of the night after being mistaken for fixtures & fittings.


After being widowed in her hometown in Iran, she made a decision. She worked ceaselessly as a lumberjack in a bonsai nursery and after a year, finally saved up enough to make a better life in England. Leaving her 14 children behind, she set off but immediately realising her mistake, set about saving up to go back again. 45 years later she's almost done it.
Likes: Being mysterious, quiet and making up obscure storys.
Dislikes: Normal coloured hair & meat.


After wandering into the Dove & Rainbow one night with one of her favourite bands, she decided she liked the place and so started spreading the word. We now have so many bands knocking at the door that we've taken her on to help out booking and promoting them. It's almost like she planned it...

Rock fan extraordinaire, she is also a model, which according to my dictionary is a small imitation of something real! Larger than life she loves rock 'n' roll, the Dove & Rainbow and shows no sign of ever having had the lobotomy!
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Dove & Rainbow, Hartshead Square, Sheffield, S1 2EL